Hope 2 One Life

Kampala Village Well Drilled! Join in Loboire Village Solar Water Project

Kampala Village now drinks clean water!! Our reputable partners Draco Drilling have successfully completed the well on the third attempt! Thankfully they guarantee their work and drill until completed no matter how many attempts it takes!  Thank you NWGREF for grant funds and walk for water participants and donors!  Tom Osborne, hydrologist and H20 board [...]

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Emmanuel Clinic is Open!

Emmanuel Clinic is Officially Open! – With the December 2013 Mission Team! Staff is hired, the pharmacy and lab is fully stocked with limited resource supplies and medications. Patients are being seen! Health Educational programs are being conducted. Village Health Care workers and mobilizers are fully trained with a new Village Health Manual implemented by [...]

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Uganda 2013 -The December Mission Team Returns – 2014 Departs April 22

 Nadine Hart, President and Chair of H20 Life departs for Uganda    April 22nd to continue overseeing Emmanual clinic in it’s infancy! Uganda Mission Team  returned on Dec 22, 2013 – H20 Board Members Nadine Hart and Tom Osborne headed the trip and are grateful for all team member contributions and service and sacrifice! Our [...]

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Thank You “Walk for Water” Participants, Volunteers, Sponsors and Donors!

Thank you 2014 Sponsors and Donors!  You Make a Difference!   Thank you Sponsors, Volunteers, Participants and donors! With your help $6,670 was raised for water projects in Uganda and Tanzania! ____________________________________ The theme for this year’s event is:                                   [...]

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