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   Current Fundraising Drive

Emmanuel Clinic Construction on the FEM – Canaan Farm $43,000 raised

      • Sustainable Income Generating Projects: Sponsor a small business Micro Loan $50-$100 or more.
      • Sponsor Farming God’s Way training course for a farmer.  $100 – $150.
      • Sponsor a volunteer Village Health Care Worker (VHT) $100 per year.
      • Health Education program supplies to supplement the training modules for Malaria prevention (mosquito nets = $10 each), Vegetable seeds, de worm medication, soap, toothbrushes $25 kits, materials for latrines and household bio sand water filters ($ 50 each).
      • Literacy supplies, teaching materials and teacher training, funds to buy books appropriate for the African culture to begin a lending library. Funds for bibles in native language.  Sponsor a teacher for teacher training $100 per year.
      • Sewing machines for women’s empowerment training and business development programs – $120
      • Solar Deep Water Well with tank and piping for drip irrigation and tap stands – Sustianable Water community campaign approx  $20,000

  Village Health Teams

Village VHT trainer in action!

New VHT’s trained in Palabek


Emmanuel Clinic VHT’s represent 6 surrounding villages

Northern Uganda needs access to healthcare and health education. 
                            Sponsor a volunteer VHT for training!                              
Your help will make a difference!

With our November 2015 -17 Uganda Mission team we distributed 1200 mosquito nets! With our education programs this funding is also important for health promotion and disease prevention. The VHT’s are  trained with a new Village Health Manual.  The VHT mobilizers with bicycles provide village training and clinic program mobilization. The training programs include:   Malaria prevention, nutrition, maternal child health, hygiene – sanitation – handwashing, HIV and STD prevention, diarrheal disease prevention and more!!   The VHT program has expanded to begin training in Palabek District of Northern Uganda.

Malaria prevention training and mosquito net distribution 2015

Thank You for your generous donations!

Emmanuel Clinic building is complete!!  Rain water collection completed and lab completed!  Hospital beds and additional equipment installed.


Sustainable Business and Education Projects

We are developing income generation sustainability projects in partnership with FEM – Uganda. The project identified as the most feasible for a successful process is the “Adopt a Goat” campaign for goat breeding to sustain Emmanuel clinic.  Funds have been donated and earmarked for a loan to start up the project by private donations and continue loan provision for other start up projects in the future.  The large scale tomato gardening through drip irrigation micro finance project is underway with the Women’s Empowerment group associated with Canaan Farm, as well as a partnership with Solar Sister and the Women’s Empowerment group for a small business enterprise selling household solar lights for income generation.   Crafts made by these same women that are sold at our events and venues throughout the year support these women and also provide start up project micro loans.  Business training provides foundation for success.

Business enterprise training with Solar Sister 2015

Farming God’s Way training 2105


In addition, Farming God’s Way farming training is under way.  92 students attended and farming micro loan projects are being considered to help out with better crop yields and income.

Teacher training in Tanzania was also highly successful!   Child education is the future of Africa!

Teacher training 2015

Consider Sponsoring a Micro Loan, Farming training or Teacher training! $100 – $150

Contact Nadine Hart for more information about our crafts sales.

Water Development Projects

SOLAR WELL  – Funded – Thank you!!
Water Development project currently under feasability assessment for a capital campaign for drilling, tanks, piping, tap stands and drip irrigation for Agape Community Foundation for Developement Sustainabililty.  Approx $45,000 Water Campaign.  Thank you again Atkinson Foundation, Matthew Miller Lasagna Dinner Fundraiser and generous friends!!


Katamarwa Primary and St Peters secondary school well is drilled and completed – Hallelujah!  Thanks to a generous grant recieved from Atkinson Foundation!

We have currently raised funds for Mboira Village deep water well, thanks to Generous donations from the Rieland Family and Medtronics corporate match $7000.  Thank you!  Also for repairs to broken wells in Wipolo  and Pajule Villages.

Drip irrigation, gardening and farming

Setting Drip lines








Fruits of their labor, when provided a water source and tools for farming/gardening







Deep Water Well– $8500 each


Thank you!
Donors, Volunteers, Churches, Organizations, Foundations, Sponsors
You make a difference! May you be richly blessed!

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 How You Can Help

Please consider making a donation or pledge to help any of these medical clinics or water projects. Your donation can be made to Hope 2 One Life – Medical, Water, Educational  or Unrestricted.  You may also designate to Village Health Teams, Literacy, Micro loans, Women and Children, etc.  Any and all help is appreciated.  It is amazing how a small amount of money can make such a difference. 100% of your donations go directly to Africa and is tax-deductible.  All travel expenses of team members are paid through their own personal finances or fundraising.

Send Donations to:
Hope 2 One Life    –   P.O. Box 21112   –   Billings, MT  59104

Donation Items Needed

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eBay Giving Works is a fun, easy way to support Hope 2 One Life and the impoverished of Uganda.  Simply list an item on eBay, select Hope 2 One Life Inc. on eBay Giving Works-(formerly Mission Fish) and choose a percentage you want to give.  When your item sells, ebay giving works will colllect your donation, send it to our organization and provide you with a tax receipt.  Direct Donations accepted also.

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Organize a School Drive

For Books, Hygiene, Kits, Love Packs

Organize a House Party to sell Ugandan made Crafts and Jewelry



We have annual events in March and November


Hope 2 One Life

P.O. Box 21112

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