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Agriculture interns – Agape Farm, Jan 2023

November 18th, 2023

Samuel, the farm manager for the ACFD – Agape Farm has taken nine agriculture intern students through a 12 week cr0p and animal program that is guaranteed to help them, their families and their village live sustainably wihtout malnutrition plaguing their future. “My intention is to make our farm a learning center for both the students and the local commuities where they can get knowledge. I will be proud at the end if our farm becomes a center for learning and sustainability.” – Samuel (The BEST farm manager!).   

At the end of the term he reports ” My intern students did an amazing thing during their presentations and they explained everything I taught them. Our farm was selected among the best places for interns”.   Well done Samuel!

The 12 week intern student work plan included:


  1. planting from the nursery bed using drip irrigation
  2. growing tomatoes, cabbage, sumawiki, onions using Farming God’s way technique
  3. learning how the make natural pesticides
  4. care of livestock – pigs and goats including immunizations and castration
  5. fisheries
  6. animal feed formulations

Ag Interns Learning Farming God’s Way


Ag Interns learning now to immunize goats