Farming God’s Way in the midst of COVID 19

Despite the struggles currently presented by the Coronavirus pandemic, H2O Life is still focused on our mission at hand. We are fortunate for farming with Farming God’s Way Uganda training that has helped the course of survival and resilence during this time.We are also grateful to you all as our projects have provided food and clean water to the people of Northern Uganda. The village health teams have been well trained in handwashing and hygiene, Our beloved villages and friends are doing as well as can be expected through the isolation. It has been especially hard on the elderly and children.  16 farmers were in FGW training in Feb 2020 and this has helped sustain them and their villages.  Praise God!  Faith Chapel has generously donated seeds for this COVID 19 relief effort and Terence, our partner Agape Community Foundation for Development delivered to all area villages we help train and support in the Post War Recovery, Empowerment and Sustainability Community Development Model (PRESM).