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Fisheries: Providing the Nutrition and Income

January 15th, 2022

In January 2020, Hope 2 One Life and partners invested in ACFD for fisheries development. A fisheries consultant from Makerere University was hired and ACFD, Terence and Denis, went to Soroti for training. We started with three above ground catfish ponds and one tilapia pond. Since two more tilapia ponds have been added.

Fish are an excellent food source of protein and provides nutrition for the vulnerable elderly, disabled, children and pregnant women in the community.

The fisheries will also provide income diversification for the Agape Training Center and Farm. The fish are harvested and sold in local markets.

105 year old woman enjoys eating fish. An excellent nutrition protein food source.

Nursery School children and parents eating fish for Easter celebration at the Agape Nursery School, Awere