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Help Build the Agape Training Center and Farm

April 7th, 2021

The only program and center of its’ kind in Northern Uganda, Hope 2 One Life and ACFD provide christ-centered community mentorship, training, development and support to impoverished people, villages and areas affected by the over 21 year LRA war. Our Postwar Recovery Empowerment and Sustainability Model highlights all elements of poverty from clean water, hygiene and sanitation to education to healthcare, income generation and vocational training, nutrition and agriculture to spiritual and psychosocial poverty. We believe our model functions as a vehicle and without all working parts, people are unable to propel forward out of poverty. Hope 2 One Life and ACFD trainings and projects have been piloted on smaller scales to assess sustainability, are replicable and self- independent allowing men, women and children to participate in creating HOPE and EMPOWERMENT to the rise out of poverty.

Current infrastructure includes:


    • The Agape Training Center and Demonstration Farm is situated on five acres in Awere-Omoro district and provides onsite training and demonstration farming.
    • A solar-powered submersible pump deep water well with two 10,000 liter water storage tanks and three water tap stands for community, farming and training center use.
    • Farming and garden plots, fenced with drip irrigation provided by the solar-powered well.
    • Two organic indigenous micro-organisms (IMO) piggery units. IMO pig farming uses indigenous micro-organisms to create and maintain healthy deep bed litter flooring. This helps break down fecal matter, creating a fertilizer rich material while eliminating smells and flies.
    • Two above-ground fish ponds with catfish and three in-ground fish ponds with tilapia.
    • A Boer goat breeding house unit and fenced grazing area.
    • Three above-ground fish ponds with catfish and two in-ground fish ponds with tilapia.

Additional structures that have been built on the property include:

    • Two grass thatch house dormitories
    • Community kitchen and dining room
    • Bathroom with two flush toilets, a sink and showers
    • Septic system with water piped from tank about 50 meters away from the toilets
    • Farm manager house
    • Watchman hut and latrine
    • Grain grinder and mill house with grain storage house
    • Store house with solar panel control system
    • Two large tents that serve as multi-purpose use and for the nursery school
    • Multi purpose meeting space for trainings and groups

We are currently fundraising for the Guest house