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IMO Organic Piggery: How This Scientific Method Is Changing Lives

January 31st, 2022

Organic pig farming uses indigenous micro-organisms (IMO’s) to create and maintain a healthy bed litter for the pigs. The micro-organisms help break down fecal matter rapidly leaving a fertilizer-rich material without smells or flies. Homemade enzyme/microbe mixture also fosters rapid anaerobic digestion of waste.

Micro-organisms are all around us. They are vital to humans and the environment, as they participate in the Earth’s element cycles such as the carbon cycle and nitrogen cycle, as well as fulfilling other vital roles in virtually all ecosystems, such as recycling other organisms’ dead remains and waste products through decomposition. They are a key component of IMO piggery. They produce various materials such as antibiotic substances, enzymes and lactic acids which suppress various diseases in the pigs and also promote chemical reactions in the soil. The IMO system harnesses these beneficial properties to successfully raise animals and grow crops in the most low cost environmentally friendly way.

Income for the sales of the pig pays for their food and farm worker salaries. The new grain grinder maize bran husks also help with making the pig cake right there on the farm.
With the development on the Agape Training Center and Farm, we envision training this IMO Piggery project to partner with community groups in the villages mentored by the Agape Community Foundation for Development (ACFD). How can you help? Start-up infrastructure and training materials for replication is needed.