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Kweyo Village Deep Water Well

March 11th, 2021

Kweyo village is a remote village in Kitgum District and is surrounded by seven villages with high rate of illiteracy, extreme poverty, poor sanitation, and lack of safe drinking water. Diseases and death, especially of vulnerable children and women are unfortunately common. A couple years ago there was outbreak of hepatitis A&B, cholera, malaria, typhoid and nodding disease.

According to the research carried out by our partner ACFD, many of the deaths are related to inadequate hygiene and unsafe water. About 90% of the victims are vulnerable children and women. Every day they must walk long distances to collect and survive on dirty unsafe water from open wells and the traditional hand dug ponds in the rivers. Worst of all, people spent many hours at these water source because these rivers dry up in early January every year and so people are forced to dig deeper in the soil to find some little water. Many times, people go very early in the morning to collect water and come back at night with dirty water.


We are incredibly grateful to the World Water Day sponsors and donors who made this possible even during the pandemic!

Since this time Kweyo Village has a water board, mentored community unity group and village health team, Farming God’s Way and Roots 2 Fruits teacher training.

Below is Kweyo Village and their first ever nursery school of 62 children – learning under the tree.  Thanks to YOU, generous donors, they have chair to sit on and chaulk boards to learn from!