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Hope begins with clean water and unity

Hope 2 One Life empowers villages, families, widows and orphans in Uganda. Our vision is sustainable development in advancing out of poverty through our post-war recovery model, created with and for the Ugandan people.

Every Hope 2 One Life and ACFD village partnership begins with clean water and the development of a community unity group and water board. From there, we provide a range of expertise to teach hygiene, sanitation, hand washing, disease prevention, nutrition, maternal health, agriculture, teacher and business trainings and more. The Ugandans we meet deeply appreciate training of any kind to improve their lives and provide a better future for their children.

We know our work has succeeded when we’re no longer needed. The goal of every project we take on is to build in the training, knowledge and tools members of each community need to operate our programs on their own.

This model is put to work in each of the villages we serve and at the Agape Training Center and Farm.

“In rural Uganda, having access to clean water is one of the biggest blessings one could ever have. Hope 2 One Life has made clean water possible and given life to thousands!”
-Denis Odong, Agape farm manager

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A model for hope


Our Post War, Recovery, Empowerment, and Sustainability (PRESM) model addresses basic needs upfront. We integrate training and provide infrastructure to help communities meet critical needs on their own. This foundation allows the community to layer successful projects and grow toward independence.

We created a graphic to illustrate these basic needs that PRESM addresses. The sections that follow detail our work in addressing some of these foundational needs. The Ugandan map that follows has pins for all the water projects and additional partnerships we have to date. Click on the pins to learn more about each project.

Agape Training Center and Farm

Our partner organization the Agape Community Foundation for Development (ACFD), with the support of Hope 2 One Life, has started building the Agape Training Center and Farm near Gulu. Continue scrolling to see all the different areas of “our work” in partnership with ACFD that will be put into action at the Agape Training Center and Farm.

The Agape Training Center and Farm accommodates attendees so that they can spend the necessary time to learn these practices hands-on and pass on what they have learned to their home villages–continuing to spread in this war-torn region. This Training Center and Farm will make a lasting impact on the lives of the Northern Ugandan people but it is still a work and progress. Click here to see what we are building next, and how you can help make this one-of-a-kind project a reality.

This Training Center and Farm will:

  • Positively impact village members who participate in these life-changing trainings
  • House a community tapstand that provides clean drinking water for nearby villages
  • Increases the length of trainings so attendees can learn more
  • Allow for more of a hands-on learning environment for participants to implement
  • Cut costs of paying for venues so that your money goes directly to changing lives



Hope 2 One Life supports revolutionary improvements in agricultural sustainability

Transforming Villages through Agriculture

In Northern Uganda farmers have relied on subsistence farming, but poor soils, drought and disease result in plaguing their crops. Hope 2 One Life and ACFD partner with training programs and consultants who teach how to maximize crops and diversify with animal husbandry, fisheries and beekeeping to boost sustainability.

We have invested in training our partner organization ACFD and their staff in “Farming God’s Way,” a biblically-based science and conservation farming method. We support all of our mentored villages in this training with the goal of ending the perpetual struggle to meet the nutritional needs of families and villages. Read more about the Agape Training Center and Farm.

Agriculture Projects


Early childhood education is critical and provides a child with lifelong learning.

Hope for a new generation

Our education support ranges from providing school supplies and course materials to sponsoring Ugandan educators who strive to further their own education. We support curriculums and teacher training programs within Uganda, so that teachers could attend training closer to home. We are honored to partner with the “Roots to Fruits” Christian curriculum. An amazing group of American educators has painstakingly written this enriched program to complement the Ugandan regulations. Teachers were trained and nursery schools started in 5 villages in the remotest areas of Northern Uganda for the first time. Learn more here….

With ACFD mentorship their hope is to expand and grow. Your gift to “Education” can ensure a lifelong learning impact for a child.

Vocational training has also been implemented in micro business, tailoring/crafts and agriculture.

Needed Educational Resources


Hope 2 One Life partners with ACFD, Ugandan nurses and doctors to provide health education, medicines, supplies, hygiene, sanitation, nutrition, disease prevention and health promotion.

Public Health training is vital

To facilitate health education, Hope 2 One Life created the Village Health Worker Trainer (VHT) program, a key component of our public health focus. VHTs are volunteers chosen from within their communities. Hope 2 One Life and ACFD train the trainers on various health education topics including: hygiene, diarrhea and malaria prevention and treatment, nutrition, HIV prevention, wound care and more.

As part of the training, participants receive a simple, streamlined manual to help them teach health principles to others when they return to their communities. The VHTs do homebased visits for families with pregnant women, the elderly and follow child health, as well. The VHT program provides Ugandan men and women valuable skills that can save many lives from preventable illness and death. We have helped develop and train two groups of village health teams: Emmanuel clinic VHT’s and Northern Uganda VHT’s. Learn more of their work here….

ACFD and the VHT’s have been amazing during the pandemic and thanks to your generous support have distributed 3 rounds of COVID 19 health and hunger relief

Your gift to “Health/Village Health Teams” will go far to support trainings, first aid and hygiene kits, de worm medications, as well a patient clinic visits as needed.

Healthcare Training Topics

  • Hygiene, sanitation and hand washing
  • Nutrition
  • Diarrhea / ORS
  • Maternal and child health
  • Malaria
  • HIV / AIDS / STD’s
  • Respiratory illnesses and skin infections
  • First aid, wound care and burns
  • Vital signs

Micro Business

Hope 2 One Life partners with aspiring Ugandan artisans through a combination of training, gifts and micro loans, which are typically repaid over three years

Opportunity promotes self-worth and dignity

We have seen genuine grassroots micro businesses flourishing from small investments. Former refugees and impoverished people, mainly women make a significant difference for their families from tailoring and creating crafts. After graduating from tailoring classes, the Katamarwa Women’s tailoring group now run their own shop, supported by a gift, micro loan and business training from Hope 2 One Life and mentorship by ACFD. They make everything on a treadle sewing machine. Learn more here… A community group in Palabek was taught to make bracelets with paper beads, a traditional Ugandan decorative item. Proceeds from the sales are helping their village to build the nursery school building. Learn more here…

Trainings and mentorships in agriculture, such as Farming God’s Way business training, drip irrigation, and more is provided as Ugandans embark on new business ventures with goals of sustainability, better health and nutrition and a rise out of poverty.

Suggested donations from the craft purchases “Other” make micro loans possible.

Artistry / Micro Loans

  • Clothing and sewn crafts: Aprons, purses, tote bags, oven mitts, animals
  • Jewelry: Beaded bracelets, earrings, necklaces
  • Carved and woven crafts
  • Micro Loans for: Tailoring shop
  • Farming tools, gum boots
  • Drip Irrigation lines
  • Boer goat breeding
  • Household solar lights and boda boda businesses

Water Development

One of Hope 2 One Life’s core missions is to provide clean drinking water to the villages we partner with.

Clean water is life

Clean water is central to achieving and maintaining the health and prosperity for recovering and developing communities in Northern Uganda. Since 2007, we have sponsored and installed dozens of wells, including solar powered wells with storage tanks, water tap stands and piping to sinks, bathrooms, septic systems and drip irrigation.

Many rural communities in Uganda rely on contaminated water sources such as ponds, wetlands, shallow wells and natural streams. This water is always contaminated with E. coli bacteria and other pathogens. Drinking and contact with this water causes frequent outbreaks of waterborne diseases such as typhoid, hepatitis, diarrhea, cholera and dysentery.

Women and children bear the burden of water collection, spending hours every day walking miles along rough bushy areas to the nearest unprotected and contaminated water sources, which are also shared with animals. Diseases caused by the contaminated water keep them from school, work and caring for their families.

For every water project implemented, ACFD works with the local community members to form a governing water board, choosing borehole pump attendants, construction of a fence around the pump. Community members and school children are trained on maintenance, sanitation, hygiene and handwashing (WaSH). Water quality testing is performed periodically.

Read about how donations funded the Kweyo Village Deep Water Well. Also read about a larger scale solar water development project on the Agape Training Center and Farm where clean solar-pumped groundwater from elevated tanks to a modern toilet and shower facility, community kitchen, local village tap stand, commercial-scale drip irrigation, livestock and fish-rearing projects.

How do we construct water projects in Uganda? Read this link to Our Drilling Partner.

Water Mission Development

  • Drilled deep water wells (boreholes)with hand pump
  • Solar powered deep water wells with storage tanks and distribution systems to water tap stands, drip irrigation, livestock troughs and fishponds
  • Repair of broken water wells and hand pumps
  • Establish drip irrigation at individual garden scale up to commercial field scale
  • Community Water Boards for each water project who learn to self-maintain and fund
  • WaSH: Water, Hygiene, Sanitation (latrine building), Handwashing Training
  • Water Quality Testing

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