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Hope 2 One Life partners with Ugandan nurses, organizations and villages to provide healthcare, medicines, supplies, hygiene, sanitation, nutrition, malaria and health training with particular care for those affected by the LRA war in N. Uganda, HIV/AIDS and sickle cell disease.

Village VHT trainer in action!

2015 – present

Village Health Teams

Uganda Mission teams distributed over 1500 mosquito nets to date! With our education programs this funding is also important for health promotion and disease prevention. The Village Health Teams (VHT’s) are  trained with a Village Health Manual designed by Hope 2 One Life Volunteers.  The VHT mobilizers are all volunteers,  recieved bicycles and  provide village training and public health program mobilization. The training programs include:   Malaria prevention, nutrition, maternal child health, hygiene – sanitation – handwashing, HIV and STD prevention, diarrheal disease prevention and more!!   The VHT program began with Emmanuel clinic and surrounding villages.  It has expanded to Northern Uganda in Palabek, Awal/Pader, Awere and Wipolo and is based out of the Gulu District of Northern Uganda.

  • 25 Emmanuel clinic VHT’s supporting 10 surrounding villages
  • 13 Northern Uganda VHT’s supporting 7 villages
  • Boer goat breeding project still underway for sustainable income for this program
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New VHT’s trained in Palabek

25 Emmanuel Clinic VHT’s support 10 surrounding villages

Emmanuel Clinic

Rakayata Village – KikumbaFamily Empowerment Uganda (FEM)- Canaan Farm; Rakayata Village

2015 – present:

Emmanuel Clinic building is complete!!  Rain water collection completed and lab completed!  Hospital beds and additional equipment installed.  Hope 2 One Life has succesfully turned the management of the clinic over to FEM Uganda and is it now also serving a large primary school.  Hope 2 One LIfe continues to support the community and the Emmanuel Clinic VHT’s through sponsored trainings, supplies and an income generation project for sustainable efforts.  Emmanuel Clinic has an active immunization program supported by the government. 

2014:  Three visits to the Emmanuel clinic for supportive training after it was newly opened.  A new medical director, accountant, nurse and nursing assistant was hired.  The verrhanda, placenta pit and incinerator was completed. The clinic is open 7 days a week and provides outpatient and overnight observation services to the area and surrounding villages.  The clinic works in collaboration with the local ministry of health to administer vaccines to children.  H20 continues to provide quarterly support with patient fees in a limited resource model matching.

2013: Long awaited Emmanuel Clinic and Health Education Center officially opens with the Dec 2013 mission team!! Uganda medical staff and accountant were hired. Limited Resource model introduced with H20 supplying staff and supply funds with matching patient fees for three years. Lab and pharmacy fully functioning. Emmanuel clinic building near completion and funds raised to complete in 2014. With the Jan 2013 mission team, 4th room build out of lab, office, nurse duty room, staff rooms completed.  Solar frig and lab cabinets and sink installed.  Other shelving and furniture built.  MOU completed with Jan 2013 Mission Team. Limited resource health model for impoverished region introduced and budgeted for 3 years. Emmanuel Clinic registered with Uganda government. Village Health care workers and mobilizers fully trained and implemented along with a new VHT manuel.  With the Dec 2013 mission team, malaria education and mosquito nets distributed to villagers attending the kick off training and more!       

– Ready Relief kits and doctor bag donated by Heart to Heart International, floor exam lamp, vital signs machines donated by Welch Allyn.

2012: Solar Power and plumbing installed in Emmanuel Clinic by Jan 2012 Mission team. 7 more village healthcare workers trained. Stethoscopes, thermometer, head lamp, Ready Relief Kit medications and supplies and Doctor bag donated by Heart to Heart International and Welch Allyn.

2011: 1st 5 rooms and one ward of Emmanuel Clinic completed. Refresher village health care worker course by Leigh Taggart, RN. Obstetrics and gynecologic care and maternal child health training given by Dr. James Hinshaw.

2010: Began construction of Emmanuel Clinic.
7 Village Healthcare Workers trained.

2007-present: Medication Support

2007-present: Village Health Education and Clinics

Northern Uganda Orphanages

KitgumTender Trust Orphanage
2007- present:  Quarterly Medical Support. Yearly visits by Nadine Hart.  Team visits  in 2012 and 2013

KitgumNorthern Uganda Community Based Action for Children with Disabilities (NUCBACD)
2012, 2013, 2014: Onsite nurse funded.
2007 – present:  Quarterly Medical Support. Yearly visits by Chair Nadine Hart

KitgumInfant Orphan Care Center (KIOCC)
2012 – 2013: Healthcare provided to orphans and children by Mission teams. Ready Relief Kit of medications and supplies donated by Heart to Heart International.
2007- present: Quarterly Medical Support. Yearly visits by Chair Nadine Hart.

Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital

KalongoDr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital (Kalongo Hospital) and Wipolo Village

2013: ECG machine donated by Heart to Heart International and Welch Allyn, ECG paper, ultrasound paper and medical supplies delivered by the Jan 2013 Mission team.  Nurses training by Dr. Hinshaw provided.  Helping Babies Breath training model and materials donated to midwifery school
2012: Electronics and equipment repair by Jan 2012 Mission team.  Two young persons sent to CORSU a specialty orthopedic hospital in Entebbe for surgeries.

2011: Obstetrics and Gynecologic care and teaching provided by Dr. James Hinshaw. Colposcopy donated by Welch Allyn. Ultrasound training. School health hygiene and sanitation education. Wipolo Village Health education.

2010:   Container shipment of medical equipment and supplies.
Xray and processor electronic conversion and installation by Grace Bible team. Ultrasound donated.

2010-present: Wipolo Village Health Education and Training – 1 village heathcare worker trained.

KayungaTender Mercies Outreach Ministries (TMOM)

2014:  Participation in the sickle cell clinic

2013: Participation in sickle cell clinic.  Coordination of care and resources for a young man with sickle cell to have treatment at CORSU for osteomyelitis of the bone – in collaboration with AIDSpirit USA

2010: Co-coordination of the Sickle Cell Center of Uganda outreach in Bugogge and Baswana villages

2007-2009:  Sickle cell education, outreaches and village clinic,  Buggoge and Baswana villages.

EntebbeCalvary Chapel – Lake Victoria Island Mission

2013:  Medication support.  Participation in the medical outreach to the islands by the Jan 2013 Mission Team.

2010 Medicine and supply support.  Participation in a medical outreach to Zinga Island

2007-2009:  Quarterly Medical Support

2009:  Funding for a boat for the island medical clinics.
WASH (Clean Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) training for Ugandan outreach workers.

“Rural people bear the greatest burden of disease mainly because rural people bear the greatest burden of poverty.”

Richard Angoma, Director Family Empowerment Uganda – Canaan Farm

Hope 2 One Life

P.O. Box 21112

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