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Our Journey of Hope Newsletter series on the 2023 Uganda Mission Trip with Sidney Meeks and Nadine is here!


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Uganda Mission Trip 2022 with Liz Dutton and Nadine

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Donate and Receive a Water Drop Sticker!

We celebrate World Water Day every year on March 22nd with raising awareness about water.  This day, created by the United Nations, has this years theme, “Water is the building block of life“.  “Here in the United States, it is easy to take water for granted – it comes out of the faucet any time you want it.  Yet, all over the globe there are people who do not have access to clean safe drinking water”. Hope 2 One Life is continuing water awareness by offering and sending out stickers for every donation online and providing information on social media and this website.

Hope 2 One Life is fundraising for a solar-powered groundwater piping system to water storage tanks, water tap stands, septic systems, fish ponds and more. The new well is drilled on the Agape Training Center and Farm and has the capability to provide large volumes of water through this planned piping system.

We are grateful to our matching sponsors and donors for bringing up closer to our goal and reach for the stars – $33,000!  To date we have raised $25,000 and have $8,000 more to go!

Your donation makes a huge difference! Water is Life!


Learn more about World Water Day here.