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Tailoring Micro Business

October 30th, 2022

After receiving a micro business loan from Hope 2 One Life, Alice and others began the Katamarwa Women Empowerment Tailoring Shop. Alice’s son,brother and husband were murdered by LRA militants. She has many orphan children due to the atrocities of the war. The income generated from her handmade purses, totes, coasters, and more provides for the children’s school fees.

Eunice is the youngest member of the women’s micro business in Katamarwa
Village. Through your purchases they have made enough to pay for the shop rent 6 months in advance and pay back
their loan to Hope 2 One Life. She has 2 children. Eunice is very talented and makes all products including dresses,shirts, placemats, and more.

Pamella is also in the group, widowed and makes all products to support her family. They have since moved to the larger town Kikumba during the pandemic time and we have provided them another microloan.

Income from the suggested donations of the handmade items allow us to invest in more communities through micro loans, as well as donate sewing machines to the villages and provide tailoring and other business trainings.