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Village Health Teams

October 30th, 2022

Village Health Teams in action teaching handwashing to their communities. Soap distribution goes along with this. Malaria prevention and mosquito nets, as well as so much more.

Pre-pandemic quarterly meetings and refresher trainings took place in rented spaces with restocking of their health and hygiene kits. During the pandemic masks and soap, malaria meds and de worm and ORS, etc were provided with VHT’s mobilized by their government training groups to train their villages on COVID 19 prevention. This went a long way to prevention of many cases in the villages. Few deaths were reported, thank God.

Post-pandemic lockdowns the first VHT training occured on the Agape Training Center and Farm in the new meeting space. Hallelujah!

15 VHT’s from Northern Uganda representing 7 village areas

25 VHT’s from villages surrounding Emmanuel clinic

Both groups were provided an income generating micro loan project prior to the pandemic as well in efforts toward sustainability. Emmanuel clinic was also given training with their local ministry of health. Many have at least one government trained VHT in their village to administer malaria medications, de worm and more.

Terence is instrumental in training and organizing these groups for many years.

Children are also trained in handwashing and hygiene through color pages and songs