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Liz’s story and first trip to Uganda – May 2022

November 18th, 2023

“The most impactful story was when we visited our first village….Kweyo.  The welcome when we arrived, greeted by everyone singing as we walked into the village just warmed my heart. Just sitting back and watching the village health team trainers reiterating proper handwashing and brushing their teeth, training on malaria prevention – brought me to the realization of the needs of so many that we don’t realize. We  visited the new deep water well H20 drilled for them and presented the water board with their world water day T shirts. They were so proud and grateful. I felt so privileged to be there.  Then, I was asked to pass out the chewable vitamins to the children, soap and toothbrushes, mosquito nets, ….  and I truly felt like I was really helping. Watching their sweet faces as I was blowing bubbles and pressing stickers on their hands just warmed my heart even more. We were presented with some gifts before we left and I truly felt honored. Everyone was so welcoming and loving and that set the tone for the rest of the most amazing trip of a lifetime.”  ~ Liz


I was also so excited to be at the Agape Training Center and Farm for a week. Many villagers came from far and wide to attend the wonderful opening for the trainings since the pandemic, including Farming God’s Way and Village Health teams. The village leaders spoke of the impact of the pandemic on everyone and updated Hope 2 One Life on their current needs. It is so wonderful seeing the children learning Roots 2 Fruits Curriculum. I had an amazing time working with the children for a couple of days working on art projects. Thank you to all who donated monetarily and for supplies gifts and special needs.  We delivered everything to all of these wonderful people and they were so so grateful!   I cannot express how thankful and grateful I am to have been able to go on this amazing trip.  I have met such lovely people that will be a part of my life going forward.  I look forward to visiting again and continuing with any volunteering needs.